Changes to tourism caused by the MAV project

Update: The Tourism Impact Report is available here: Summer 2014 Monhegan Island Tourism Tech Report 6-3-16

The answer to this FAQ was provided by Maine Aqua Ventus. 

Question: How is Maine Aqua Ventus I GP LLC (MAV) planning to characterize the potential changes to tourism caused by the project?

Answer: Maine Aqua Ventus I GP LLC is committed to a three step process to examine potential changes in Monhegan Island tourism caused by the offshore wind demonstration project:

(1) MAV is partnering with University of Maine (UMaine) researchers to examine previous examples of offshore wind energy projects to characterize what is known nationally and internationally about this issue.

(2) MAV is partnering with UMaine researchers to compile information (as provided by Monhegan) related to current Monhegan Island tourism, including capacity, demographics, and seasonality of visitor types.

(3) Finally, MAV is partnering with UMaine researchers to survey Monhegan Island visitors to characterize attitudes related to the project.

The results of these studies will be shared with the Monhegan Island Energy Task Force to identify challenges, concerns, and opportunities generated as a result of the project.

If you have information that may help in this type of analysis, do not hesitate to contact Mario Teisl or Damian Brady