METF Update May 2016

First Round of Answers from MAV to Community Questions – May 2016

Part of METF’s mission is to educate so that the community can make informed decisions in regards to the proposed MAV offshore wind project. To that effort, here are the answers we have so far to the questions that were raised through the most recent survey and from the April 6 community meeting. We have calls into our lawyer and we will continue to ask MAV to clarify and get more specific with the answers that they have supplied so far.

Click here to view the answers from MAV.

Energy Alternatives Being Explored by Monhegan Energy Planning Committee

During the discussions about the MAV offshore wind project, questions have been raised about other renewable energy options for Monhegan. The Monhegan Energy Planning Committee (MEPC) has been researching possible ways for the power company to adopt renewable technology.

The MEPC has created a series of fact sheets to help community members understand what options are available for Monhegan to pursue. It includes information on the renewable energy resources available to Monhegan, current technology, and cost trends. This is a living document, which will be updated as better information is made available.

The MEPC fact sheets can be found here:

About the Monhegan Energy Planning Committee

The MEPC is a group made up of two year-round residents, two seasonal residents, and an Island Institute Fellow. The MEPC is creating a technical assessment of Monhegan’s energy resources and possible technology options, and creating a plan to pursue options that the community is interested in. Technical assistance is being provided by the Island Institute and the US Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Currently, MEPC is working on creating a technical assessment, gathering community input, and creating a first draft of an energy plan. Part of their process is gathering input from stakeholders through a series of “house parties” in the coming months.