Update on Offshore Wind Energy and Community Benefits – February 2016

METF would like to hear your input on potential community benefits from the MAV project. Please follow this link to respond to our survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BLFHWY2 before March 14.  

Additional opportunity for discussion will be available during community meetings in late March.

Thank you for your input!

– Monhegan Energy Task Force

The Maine Aqua Ventus I (MAV) project being led by the University of Maine plans to install two 6MW floating wind turbines (each 576 feet tall) 2.5 miles southeast of Monhegan and install an undersea cable to the mainland.


The University of Maine has recently received an additional $3.7M in funding from the Department of Energy (DOE) to continue work on the pre-construction phase of the project. DOE will review Maine’s project in May 2016 to see if they are ready to become a fully funded project, should a slot open because one of the top three (NJ, OR, or VA) drop out. It is possible that MAV could receive additional funding for full-scale construction from DOE.


A critical component of the pre-construction phase of MAV I is articulating the community benefits for Monhegan. Back in 2014, the Monhegan Energy Task Force (METF) sent out a survey to get input on community benefits with 109 people responding. The results were mixed, but showed a strong sentiment for our collective belief that Monhegan is a special place and community benefits should be carefully considered.

METF is again seeking your input to help determine what we should negotiate for with MAV on behalf of the Monhegan community. There are two primary options being considered:

  • Annual Payment as Compensation (in Lieu of Cable) – An annual payment to the Monhegan Plantation (this would be in lieu of the undersea cable). The number put forth by the University of Maine is $200,000 per year for the 20-year life of the project. At optimal production, MAV is projected to gross $9,912,816 per year. Amount of compensation and use of funds would need to be determined, but uses may include:
    1. Research and development of alternative energy sources for Monhegan
    2. Other community needs to be decided after further conversation (e.g. improving island infrastructure, educational programs, etc.)
    3. Mitigation for losses to the community not yet determined (e.g. tourism, property values, etc.)
  • Cable to Monhegan with Fiber Optics Install an undersea cable to Monhegan to supply electricity at no generation cost and fiber optics. (MPPD customers would still pay a monthly bill to cover maintenance of the plant, distribution of power, and ongoing debt service). This option may include the following:
  1. Payment of cost of system upgrades to allow delivery of power to MPPD
  2. Cost of installing fiber optic cable
  3. Dark fiber lease to MPPD of fiber optic cable
  4. Right of Way for the cable to MPPD on Monhegan
  5. Monhegan Alternative Benefit in the case that that MAV is not able to provide electricity as specified in agreement
  • Additional Community Benefits There are several community benefits that have been discussed informally with the University of Maine. Below is a list of community benefits at some initial stage of development:
  1. Input from fishermen to minimize negative impact on fishing and establish a Fishermen’s Compensation Fund for losses in fishing (*meeting held January 2016 for this purpose)
  2. MAV reimburses Monhegan for all costs incurred by the project (*on-going)
  3. Communication commitments for interactions with all regulatory, statutory, policy, or other decision-making entities with respect to the overall project and specific aspects of it, including Monhegan Community Benefits.
  4. Commitment to give Monhegan community members preference in work performed by individuals during the construction, operation and maintenance phases of this project


The METF needs to hear your input on community benefits before APRIL 1! What makes the most sense for Monhegan? What are some of the pros/cons to consider as we move forward with negotiations? What are some other benefits for us to think about? We have hired Laura Singer, a Maine-based facilitator and outreach consultant to help us so we can reach as many of you as possible, especially during the off-island season.

There are several ways for you to provide input:

1)   Respond to the Monhegan Community Benefits Survey #2 by March 14.

Here’s how to give us your survey response:

  1. Fill it out via SurveyMonkey at this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BLFHWY2 (preferred approach),
  2. Click here to download a hard copy and send back the written copy ASAP to: MPPD, PO Box 127, Monhegan Island, ME 04852
  3. Mail back the hard copy received in the mail to: MPPD, PO Box 127, Monhegan Island, ME 04852
  4. E-mail Laura directly with your responses at LSinger@maine.rr.com

2)   Participate in an upcoming Community Gathering at the end of MARCH (TBD)

  • Laura will be visiting the island to share the results of the survey and get further input on Community Benefits. Please look for dates, times and locations!

3)   Contact Us through MonheganEnergy.info before April 1.