Update on Cable Route

After a discussion late this week with Nate Johnson, of New England AquaVentus and Ocean Renewable Power Company, we would like to pass on the news he shared.  Although no decisions are being made, NEAV is looking with renewed focus at the viability of bringing the sub sea cable from the test site ashore in… Read More

ICDS Cable Blog

In our continued attempt to learn about the potential benefits and challenges or impacts the proposed offshore wind project may have on Monhegan and in wanting to better understand our options to make an informed decision, Dan Fisher of ICDS was asked to give his professional opinion on the electric cable as an option for… Read More

Provision of Power vs. Alternative Benefit

Draft 7-5-1016 Maine Aqua Ventus – Monhegan Plantation Power District Provision of Power vs. Alternative Benefit (PDF Version) Under the Term Sheet approved by the Maine Public Utilities Commission, MAV will provide Monhegan with benefits as follows (Pages 4-5 under the Local Benefit Obligations): “4. Monhegan Plantation Benefits. Provide electric energy to the Monhegan Island Plantation… Read More

Maine Aqua Ventus Experts Panel – Recording & Notes

On June 23, the University of Maine and the Monhegan Energy Task Force hosted a panel Purpose to provide a forum for community members to ask questions of various experts involved in the Maine Aqua Ventus offshore wind demonstration project and to discuss the positive and negative aspects of the potential Community Benefits being discussed as… Read More

METF Community Survey #3

The Monhegan Energy Task Force (METF) would like to hear YOUR input on potential community benefits from the Maine Aqua Ventus offshore wind project.

Questions from April 5 Community Meeting

Representatives from Maine Aqua Ventus responded to questions from the community raised at the community meeting held April 5, 2016. Their responses are available here: Questions from the Community, April 5, 2016

Updated Community Outreach Process to Determine Community Benefits Agreement between Monhegan and Maine Aqua Ventus

Background The Monhegan Energy Task Force (METF) convened its first meeting in late October 2013 and was made an official task force of the Plantation at the January 2014 assessors meeting. METF was charged with creating a line of communication and sharing information between Monhegan Plantation and Maine Aqua Ventus (MAV), the company proposing the… Read More