Update provided by Maine Aqua Ventus (12/14/17)

Geophysical Sub-sea Survey of Test Site and Cable Route

The geophysical survey along the proposed sub-sea cable path will begin no sooner than February 2018. Final survey area is still being finalized. Logistics with survey contractor are being finalized.

Our survey manager, Matt Nixon, will reach out to Monhegan fishermen to schedule a meeting with them on the Island to go over survey logistics, timing, and other details. This will likely need to be early January immediately after the holidays, but Matt will work with the fishermen to determine best timing for them.

NEPA Update

MAV is working with the U.S. Department of Energy to update the formal Project Description as required by the NEPA process which we anticipate will be published by the DOE in January or early February. Once the DOE publishes the document, we’ll work with METF to schedule a forum on the Island to review changes and answer questions about the document.

CBAC and Broadband

UMaine representatives, Jake Ward, Josh Plourde and James Beaupre held a Zoom conference call meeting with Monhegan CBAC representatives on Dec. 6 to begin the conversation on pursuing the broadband plan as part of the CBA. UMaine has asked Monhegan to provide direction and contacts so that collectively they can investigate potential grant opportunities for broadband upgrades. It was a very good conversation and a plan/approach should evolve over the next few months.

Other Regional Information

On Monday Dec. 11, the Town of St. George voted on a sentiment expressing opposition to the project until such a point where potential impacts on fishing can better determined. MAV is working diligently with state and federal agencies to allow fishing over the cable with both mobile and fixed fishing gear, and under this scenario, there will be no measurable impact on fishing.

We intend to continue to be a source of clear and consistent information in St. George so the public and their representatives can make informed judgments on the project as we move ahead.

MAV published a response to the sentiment on our website, which can be viewed, here: http://maineaquaventus.com/index.php/2017/12/12/statement-response-st-george-sentiment-mav-project/

Please direct all questions or feedback to:

Joshua Plourde
Maine Aqua Ventus
(207) 907-0069