Update on MAV Project – January 29, 2018

Maine PUC Order Issued on MAV Project

On Wednesday, January 24th the Maine Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) issued an Order requesting written comments on whether the MPUC should reconsider the Term Sheet for the MAV project.  The Order can be found on the Maine PUC website or by using the link below:  https://mpuc-cms.maine.gov/CQM.Public.WebUI/MatterManagement/MatterFilingItem.aspx?FilingSeq=96587&CaseNumber=2010-00235

Summary of the Order:
Through this Order, the Commission requests comment on whether it should reconsider its February 13, 2014 Part One Order and February 19, 2014 Part Two Order (collectively, Approving Orders) approving the December 4, 2013 Term Sheet for the Maine Aqua Ventus (MAV) offshore wind project (the Project). The Commission defers a decision on the proposed Long-Term Contract for Capacity and Associated Energy (Agreement or Contract) between MAV and Central Maine Power Company (CMP) filed on December 13, 2017 until after these comments are received and considered.

The two documents in the blue box below provide details of this Order, including the specific issues the MPUC is considering.

  • When to Submit Comments:
    Public Comments should be submitted via the MPUC website by Wednesday, February 14th.
  • What Information to Submit: In particular, the Commission requests that comments address the issues raised by the Commission in the discussion section of the Order (pages 3-6; Monhegan’s Local Benefits is mentioned on page 6)
  • How to Submit Comments:
    The MPUC Case Number is: (2010-00235)

Go directly to this link and put in the above case number: https://mpuc-cms.maine.gov/CQM.Public.WebUI/Comments/CaseNumberSearch.aspx

MPUC Order Requesting Comment on MAV (Jan. 24, 2018)

MPUC Order Approving Term Sheet (Feb. 19, 2014)

Recent MAV Outreach & Press

January 18th: The Advanced Structures and Composites Center presented the Maine Aqua Ventus project to area fishermen and other residents in a forum at the Boothbay Fire Station.  Maine Aqua Ventus is evaluating Boothbay as a cable landing spot. Habib Dagher presented the project with the aid of Matthew Nixon (UMaine) who is overseeing survey operations for ocean floor mapping. See press article here:

January 19th: BDN article “Maine offshore wind project rules out Port Clyde as cable site” See press article here: http://bangordailynews.com/2018/01/19/business/maine-offshore-wind-project-rules-out-port-clyde-as-cable-site/

January 24th: Habib Dagher presented the Maine Aqua Ventus Project Overview to the Boothbay selectmen.   This was the first introduction of the project to the selectmen.  See press article here: