About Monhegan Energy Task Force

The Monhegan Energy Task Force (METF) is a task force authorized by the Monhegan assessors to carry out the Mission/Purpose as described:

Mission/Purpose :

METF was formed to represent Monhegan in communications with Maine Aqua Ventus regarding all aspects of the proposed offshore wind project, including the planning, construction, operation, and decommissioning phases and to share these communications with the Monhegan community.

  1. METF will gather information and disseminate it to the Monhegan community, including past and future studies that are shared with the task force by Maine Aqua Ventus.
  2. METF will reach out to legislators and government agencies at the state and federal level, and work with these agencies so as to communicate with the Monhegan community how they can optimally participate in the process.
  3. METF will maintain and update, newsletter, Facebook page, website.
  4. METF members are committed to participating in weekly calls with the Maine AquaVentus and sharing information gained at these meetings with the Monhegan community.
  5. METF will aid the assessors and the Community Benefit Agreement Committee in community outreach

Accepted at Assessor’s Meeting December 7, 2017

Current Members:

Winnie Murdock, chair

Jim Buccheri