Results of a Survey of the Monhegan Community by the Monhegan Energy Task Force – July 2016

The pursuit of a Community Benefit Agreement between Monhegan Plantation and Maine Aqua Ventus (MAV) will need to be approved by a special vote of Monhegan residents, which is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, July 26.  The Monhegan Energy Task Force (METF) held a third survey in (Survey #3) to get a better understanding of the sentiment of the year-round and seasonal residents regarding the MAV project in general, and specifically the two community benefit options being discussed. The survey also asked for feedback on the level of support for “no action” on a community benefit agreement and/or actively working toward relocation of the project away from Monhegan through legal action.

METF’s Survey #3 was sent via e-mail and regular mail on June 24 and also made available on and METF’s Facebook page. There were 116 validated survey respondents.  There was a 50% response rate for all survey respondents and 37 out of 74 (50%) of Monhegan Registered Voters responded to the survey.

For a full report of the METF’s Survey #3 results click here: METF Survey #3 Report